Learn How To Take Control Of Your Life In The Next Seven Days


Powerful Insight

Have you ever been taken advantage of, used, or manipulated? Have you ever been led astray by smooth words that promised big results yet delivered nothing for your life? Now is the time for power! Learn the skills that will help you lead people with your character instead of your tongue and how to dodge the traps in life that your hidden enemies will set for you. -Garrett Young

Breakthrough Wisdom

Are you tired of being overwhelmed with useless information? Have you been burdened with things that just don’t seem to work? Now is the time to break through any circumstance or obstacle that has been holding you back. Learn the secret skills to survive any storm and always come out on top. Learn from the best. -Garrett Young

Strategic Clarity Sessions

Have you ever felt stuck, frustrated, or unclear about making necessary decisions? Do you know what you need to do, but just cant get things done? Are there desires in your heart that must be fulfilled? Then let us take a strategic approach to find out what you desire in life, who you are, and why it matters to you. Begin today to reclaim your unique identity and know that you have a useful purpose in life. -Garrett Young

About Me


Give millennial's resources to be self-reliant, happier, and free.
-Garrett Young


“I want this young man on my team and his wisdom saves you lots of mistakes. The insight he gave me allowed me to walk out of a destructive relationship of 15 years and into a better life. I now have confidence and have learned many valuable things from Garrett. He is a blessing.”

Walter B

“I met Garrett on a plane trip from Dallas to Miami and we spoke for hours about many things. Things that I had never shared with anyone else before ,but I could sense that he was someone I could trust. His words inspired me to complete my goals and I’m grateful.”

Susan L

“Garrett helped me take control of my life by teaching me how to be calm. Now I love the life I live and stay connected with people. Thank you for everything.”

Eddie V

"You live in the modern world, what can't you do?" - Tai Lopez

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Learn How To Take Control Of Your Life In The Next Seven Days