Character, Hypocrite, & Beliefs! by: Garrett Young

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If you look carefully you may see a sea of people quick to shout their beliefs, but in the midst of that sea you may see the few who live their beliefs.

You would assume in a nation full of shouting believers that a quick walk down the street would reveal people with the best character and trustworthy individuals.

To test this theory go to a major city such as New York City or Chicago and ask a random stranger on the street to kindly get you change for a one hundred dollar bill.

If you’re foolish enough to wait for them to return with your change or return at all then good luck waiting.

That’s just the character of an average citizen in a major city of a believing nation, but what is it that people really believe?

Are your beliefs what you say you believe and shout from the highest points?

Can we see a person’s beliefs without them telling us what they are and only observing their character?

How can we do that if a hypocrite shouts their beliefs for the world to see but doesn’t live them?

The struggle of the Millennials is separating the shouting hypocrites from the ones with character which I’ll call believers.

No matter what religion a person confesses with their tongue or does not confess can we agree that we can look at a person’s character and guess where they fit?

Millennial’s are in a frustrating position because they want to believe what people are saying but the gap in character is not aligning with the shouted beliefs.

Millennial’s are waking up to the garbage left behind and given to us from the previous generations.

What garbage you ask?

Hmm, let’s start with the basics.

The things you call food that Millennial’s know is processed garbage and how destructive that garbage is.

As a young Millennial I remember having to travel over forty mins to find one grocery store out of seven that sold unaltered quality produce.

Why does unaltered quality produce matter, because it’s my choice to eat good quality food?

The things that we grew up on and were trained to consume did nothing for our recovery or improve our body image.

It’s ridiculous to think that even something as small as trusting our local grocery store to contain good quality meats, and produce is an uphill battle.

We now have to read the labels to make sure that the meat we are buying hasn’t been laced with soy or other additives my generation doesn’t need.

Can we agree that the motto of American culture can be seen as doing anything to save a dollar?

It’s now expected to find areas where companies have cut corners that cost people their health only in the search of saving a dollar.

The search of real food versus the processed garbage laced with artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin’s to stretch things out, and the list goes on and on.

Hell, if I can’t trust you with the basics of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs then how can we build a successful nation for the generations to come?

Just because we can eat junk does not mean that we should.

Then this is the part where someone says the reason we eat junk in America is because the world is overpopulated.

My response is, why would you feed the greatest nation in the world junk?

What coach do you know that makes it their mission to feed their greatest athletes junk and expects to win?

On the opposite side, what starving person do you know that would say no to junk?

The starving person eats to stay alive while the athlete is eating to maintain the best results.

What is your standard of life for you and your future generations?

Who in your life has fed you the junk and wondered why you didn’t perform as well as you could?

Listen, this is a competitive plane we are on and it would be foolish to believe that sending your kids off to school high on processed garbage will produce the best result.

Yet, the excuse is that there is no time and we need something quick.

I’ve seen housewives drive through the fast food line ready to pick up food for the family and it may seem innocent at first but ask yourself

“how do they not have time”?

The truth is, some people have time but no desire to prepare for the next level.

Some standards are so low that people expect when you turn eighteen or enter college that your diet must consist of the following as you must struggle to prove your right of passage.

Ramen noodles, fast food, microwave tv dinners, canned Chef Boyardee, cereal, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and the list goes on and on.

Ask yourself, would you trust the decision making capabilities of someone eating this junk?

The answer for people who sell you junk, loans, debt, etc is a big yes!

They love you when you’re high on this stuff and you make the process so much easier.

Think about how many depressed people love to consume a jug of ice cream when they are feeling down, it must be something in the food that gets them high.

High enough to remain the same and to always come back to consume more junk.

I’ve witnessed a presentation where a respected Finance guru told parents to feed their child a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner as an excuse that times are hard.

The American audience then laughed and mindlessly agreed in submission.

I didn’t agree and every word that the guru said from that moment forward was like garbage to my ears.


Because I knew he wasn’t feeding his children that for dinner and it’s hypocritical to teach others to do it.

Ask a Millennial if they desire to feed their kids a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for dinner.

Chances are, they will look you in the face and punch you in the mouth.


Many Millennial’s have felt that struggle during college years, the lack of standard, and do not want to pass that down to their kids.

Look, if you want to feed your kids that snack and call it a meal then that’s on your conscience.

If you haven’t outgrown peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a meal for your American family then something is wrong.

If a person says that they have no money then I will prove to you that real love can always set a higher standard.

For example, I knew a poor grandmother that desired her only grandson to become somebody and even though she was poor she didn’t let that become an excuse for not feeding him a good meal.

If you asked her to feed her only grandson a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner and then go to sleep at night with a clear conscience then you’d be asking the wrong grandmother.

She was a person of character that made sure her only grandson would eat a good meal even if it meant that she went hungry and at times she would.


She knew that her time was running out and she desired the best for her only grandson.

She didn’t train him to eat junk, practice the habit, and neither was junk allowed in the home.

This was in the midst of many households nearby never having the time to do the basics and frequently running to fast food joints.

Her efforts paid off later in life as her only grandson became a very successful young man.

Speaking about the basics, if you know a person that claims that they are religious but do not take care of their kids then run for your life.

Do not listen to anything they have to say because if they don’t take care of the living little people in front of them then how can they teach you about the realm you cannot see?

If they could teach you about it, why would you listen to someone that ignores the basics?

That would be like listening to someone say that they are an animal lover yet every time you look at their animals you see their rib cages showing, etc.

Why I bring up the topic of religion is that my parents were caught up in a cult before I was born and the people that can be caught up in cults tend to be vulnerable.

Can you agree that society sometimes raises vulnerable people or unprepared people to be placed in vulnerable situations?

Such as the talented, yet broke college woman that has bills due but sees no way to pay them.

She is in a vulnerable position where even a bad deal to earn some quick, easy, cash, can seem good.

Places like strip clubs or the like enjoy meeting vulnerable needs and they expect to.

Daddy may have raised a good girl, but daddy’s protection is now gone and the real world has its demands.

Demands that must be met or starve, quit, and go home.

She’s in a vulnerable position where a bad relationship can seem good.

When a young person feels the pressure to eat, pay bills, and get hit with life hard then sometimes hard decisions are made.

I’ve met some Millennial’s that felt unprepared for life and with that feeling they would run to religion as a safe haven or an escape.

Religion can make you feel like you have a purpose and can give your life a sense of meaning but it does not replace a person’s basic life responsibilities.

For example, I know people that will give their life savings to a religious organization yet give nothing to their kid’s financial future, education account, pretty much the basics of adult life.

I know others that are determined to give ten percent or more of their paycheck faithfully and consistently to a religious organization yet have zero percent set aside for their kids financial future, savings, education account, or the basics of adult life.

It’s like they’re not preparing them to become strong adults and on purpose.

Their mindset is that God is going to take care of everything, and do all the work including their own basic responsibilities.

Know that you can almost always pay a religious organizations bills but can you truly rely on them to pay your bills when times get tough?

Will your faithful ten percent or more gift giving be met with a an attitude of appreciation to help you out or will they say sorry we’ll be praying for you.


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