Letting Things Die! by: Garrett Young

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It wasn’t that the job lacked joy.

It was that I allowed or let the things in my life that I valued to die.

To not share my best self with the people I care about and to not assume responsibility for the challenges in my own life is to bury my gifts.

There are some things in life that you do not want to let die and there are other things that must die off.

I remember laying on my couch in an empty apartment wondering why I was alone, why I was suffering and why my life seemed so hard.

My body had changed from being strong and something I was proud of to now appearing weak in certain areas.

The years of consuming fake processed junk had taken its toll on my mind, body, and relationships.

The years of being obedient and subservient to the needs of my job had caused the neglect and abuse of the body I valued.

Sacrifices and late night hours for the job didn’t  bring love into my life in fact it separated me from my real self.

I can’t tell you how hard it was to find good quality foods that were real and contained all the minerals that we need to power our best selves.

In a world full of educated people and a country that claims to value family, and beliefs in higher powers then why would my fellow Millennial’s have to go from store to store to pick the right produce?

Does anyone have any backbone or character anymore?

Or do people prefer the title of a job over knowing and caring for their neighbors?

Take a look around you and ask yourself how many people would you trust to successfully run a mile in a time of war?

Even looking at our younger generation we see our youth consuming energy drinks, eating fast food daily, and staying up late into the night which ruins the body.

I woke up that night in the midst of chaos and in the midst of my loneliness and refused to let my dreams die.

Why would I?

Let them die for who or for what?

Show me a leader that values the things in life that truly matter and I’ll show you a leader that can be followed without opening their mouth.

The Millennial’s have seen and felt the envious results of those older, wiser, educated, and in power, but those people didn’t stand for the things in life that matter most.

Such as the quality of the food that can affect each and every one of us.

We believe that it’s normal to have to comb through multiple grocery stores for good food or google a brand name just to see if they can really be trusted with what their label says.

Through my trials I’ve learned discipline and have been afflicted even to the point where eating an apple would cause me pain.

Or I should say eating a GMO apple would cause me great pain as my body has a condition where man made counterfeits will not be tolerated into the cells.

So, I had to write this post not for me but to increase peoples awareness on the things that are going on.

No matter what your political stance is or religion may be, all of us require good quality food to power our bodies, minds, and best selves.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars combing through products that the weak elders have sold to the Millennial’s that are nothing but junk.

Problems that could easily be solved yet people choose in their hearts to see others suffer.

The personal responsibility of eating good quality food is a personal decision, or a household choice.

If you felt pain from an event, would it be wise to be silent and watch another go through that same pain or maybe ten times worse?

My elders got to live their life and hold their spouses hands through their trials while I had sacrificed my mind, youth, body and my joy under their weak habits.

Seeing many fellow Millennial’s wasting time recovering from the effects of bad foods while falling into the same pitfalls and fear inflated difficulties that waste our youth

was frustrating to me.

Seeing and meeting too many Millennial singles who are not single because they lack social skills but single because they are still building their lives later into their life.

Working long hours with multiple job titles, but the same pay amount as one title.

Working long hours to keep the job afloat while they neglect the building of their own relationships.

I had to do something, even if it meant writing a book.

Nights I spent alone and without sleep while they cuddled next to the ones they say they loved.

Was I supposed to envy?

No, of course not.

The secret is, if you have a position of power it is in your best interest to treat even the lowest among you with respect for they can cry out to that Higher Power that you fail to follow and thus cause you great pain.

To abuse others from a high position where other people look up to you and trust you is to find yourself in a place where nothing is left because you revealed that you couldn’t be trusted with the basics.

The basics of respect, the basics of love, the basics of standing for the truth.

So many people have been indoctrinated to give up their dreams, desires, and goals just to fit in and become complacent.

When you reach the point in life where no drug, alcohol, criticism, intimidation, or comment can hinder your steps then you’re on your way.

It was painful to look at the women I loved and to tell them everything that I couldn’t do, due to my job.

It was painful to speak to my family and to let them know as an adult everything that I couldn’t do or to attend events due to my job.

One would say that the job was controlling me when the reality is that I agreed to do the job and to sacrifice everything of value out of learned helplessness and negative social conditioning.

I made the job my god.

I made the job my idol and did it to the point where even though I knew the job didn’t provide the standard of life that I desired and deserved that I would still cling to it out of fear.

What fear?

The fear I learned from the people who let their dreams, goals, and desires die.

You see, I needed their fears to die from my life so that I could live. I don’t hate the job or encourage people to hate their jobs because they are there for a reason.

The reason is to wake up and to understand that each and every one of us has something to contribute to society and each of us has a personal responsibility for ourselves.

I can’t do everything on my own, nor do I desire to.

I desire to be the best at being me and I desire you to be the best at being you.

Being anything less than you, robs me and me being anything less than me robs you.

I have what you need and you have what I need.

The hard part is coming out from under false needs that have been conditioned into us.

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