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Founder of GY Truth dot com, giver, and millennial success speaker on wisdom. Garrett values living a life of becoming self-reliant and increasing peoples awareness on the things that truly matter in life. "Giving away one's soul for a job, career, or things will only exhaust your mind and take you away from the people you say you love."
His desire impacts young millennial's that are tired of being lied to, consuming processed junk labeled food, and that are overworked yet still in debt. The lessons that he teaches can be described as thought provoking, inspiring, and unforgettable. "The greatest gift that I can give someone is the ability to express their authentic self and to live an abundant fulfilling life."
Real work and contribution to the world is not hiding behind a cubicle at a job, or painfully conforming to a bosses needs. It's becoming someone that you have always been but may have never fully expressed. Garrett relates to millennial's by reminding them that they have value, purpose, and the ability to succeed.
"Should I envy the individual that invests 80-100 plus hours per week into a job they hate, away from their family and friends? No, of course not. Who does?"

"The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships." - Tony Robbins